Blackpink Heardle

Blackpink Heardle is a very enjoyable musical puzzle game. Each Blackpink Heardle's song is chosen at random from the group's catalog.

You have a one in six chance of correctly guessing the word of the day. Heardle's objective is to correctly identify the tune after seven guesses.

How to Play
You get a total of six chances to correctly identify Blackpink's song of the day when playing Blackpink Heartle. You can try your hand at guessing by first listening to a portion of the music. It won't be for very long, but if you are familiar with their music, you will recognize it immediately, particularly if it is one of the band's most well-known tracks.

Simply press the skip button whenever you want to hear further tracks. After that, you can enter your prediction into the text form, select a song from the list, and then hit the submit button.

Players who are able to get the correct answer with the fewest number of attempts are shown to be true fans of Blackpink. When the player gets it correct, the appropriate song starts playing, and a link to the song on Spotify as well as sharing buttons appear on the screen so that fans may brag about their achievement online.

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