You play the game Moviedle, which was inspired by Wordle, by watching every second of a movie and trying to identify it. 
Moviedle makes players pay close attention to what they see because they have to guess the movie from a series of scenes that happen quickly one after the other. Happy Fun!

How to play

You'll probably just have a second of video to work with. Yes, the entire film flickers from start to finish on a single screen. Players can identify the day's movie by watching one of about ten excerpts that are shown every second.

You only need to know the title of today's movie to properly guess it. Before you fail, you'll have six tries, and each one takes a little longer. Moviedle will add extra seconds so you can watch more films as long as you don't give the actual title of the movie. Up until the sixth turn, when they are six seconds long, hints get longer and longer.

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