Tiki Taka Toe

It's like Tiki Taka Toe or noughts and crosses, but with a football theme. Your friends can play with you on the same device, or you can play them online. If your friends can't play, don't worry- you can find an opponent from among the thousands of fans of football around the world and play against them, or you can play our daily Box2Box game against the clock to fill in the football grid.

You can play Tiki-Taka-Toe with European Leagues that include the biggest names in the area, or you can play in a specific league if you're a fan of that one.

Follow these rules:

Things like football clubs, countries, trophies, and awards are lined up in a three-by-three grid.

Put an X or O in one of the boxes, if you can think of a football player who fits the description in the top row and on the left.

You can use the same football player on multiple occasions on the same grid. The person can be a current or former player.

The winner is the first person to get three in a row, either across, down, or diagonally.

Normal Tic-tac-toe rules are too easy for you? Try Tiki-Taka-Toe instead. It lets you play with steals.

Wenn Steal Mode is on, each player has drei Chances to steal a square that the other player is currently occupying.

Make your opponent mad and take a square by calling out a different football player than the one that's already there.

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