Daily Wordle (NYT)

You have to guess a five-letter word in six trials in the hidden word game Daily Wordle (NYT). You will receive color suggestions about how closely you predicted the target phrase after each guess. Everybody tries to figure out the same word in the one puzzle that is given out each day. 
The goal of the game is to correctly guess a five-letter word in no more than six trials.

Keep in mind that you can only guess so many times. Only six chances remain. Additionally, the new Wordle game won't be available until tomorrow if you can't finish the problem in six tries. 
Let's play this logic game and solve riddles!

How to play

First, use the keyboard or the virtual keyboard on the screen to type any legal 5-letter word. Afterward, hit Enter. You will be given a hint as to how near you are to the target word after each guess.

If the tile's color changes to green, that letter is already present and correctly positioned in the target word.

If the color of the tile changes to yellow, the letter is in the secret word but not in the proper place.

Additionally, if a letter is completely absent from the target word, the tile's color will turn gray. Try a different word sans that letter.

After a few attempts, you can try to figure out the hidden word and win the game if you know a few letters in the right location (green) and a few yellow ones!

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