Dolphin Wordle

Dolphin Wordle, a Wordle-like program, allows you to play and provides you five attempts to get it properly. This Wordle version is about dolphins and dolphin sounds, as the name would imply. Dolphins' clicks and whistles seem more like "Eeee-eee." If that's the case, then this game is excellent for you to try your hand at and learn the meaning behind those noises.

All of the content on the website is written with the same alphabet, which makes it tough to grasp what the writers are attempting to say. We think this is a terrific technique for the persons who made Dolphin Wordle to keep it interesting and get people interested in it.


How to play

The Wordle rules are available on the website, however Dolphin Wordle isn't really clear about how to use it. The virtual keyboard at the top of your screen allows you input the phrases "Eeeee" and "E."

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