The guessing game involving flags Wordle served as a model for Flaggle. The quicker you can recognize the flag of a country or territory, the better. A similarity flag that displays the portion of your guess that corresponds to the color of the correct response is displayed after each guess. The color scheme has been condensed to 10 frequently used colors to make it easier to guess.

Rules for the game "Flaggle"
If you don't know anything about flags, don't worry too much; players have as many chances as they like to guess the right flag. Guesses will be shown in green if the right color is present there. Players can focus their search for the mystery flag by reviewing previous predictions. To try and identify the flag, type the name of the country in the box at the top of the screen.


How to play

The Flaggle puzzle is easy to solve if you have a basic understanding of flags and strong picture-reading abilities. There will be puzzle hints visible on the screen. To finish the problem, the player needs to follow a few simple steps. Every day, a wide range of websites are available where you can look for the answers to this issue.

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