Footdle is like the popular word game Wordle, but it has been updated to predict a football player from the Top 5 leagues in the database.

In this game, you have to figure out who the mystery football player is. It's different from Wordle, but we hope soccer fans will enjoy this online game.

It has gone viral because it is easy to use and only lets you try it 12 times.
Because there is only one grid for football, you can concentrate on quickly guessing a football player.
Find out the player's name, league, nationality, position, and club. You can help yourself if you think of games.

In football, you have 12 chances to name a player. The game shows you all the players you can choose from, and you have to choose the Footdle player for today. Unique hints are given to each player. Each day, there are new mystery players.


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