There are six opportunities for players to correctly guess a five-letter word; however, all of the words pertain to Fortle.

How to play

Each player in Fortnite has six opportunities per day to guess a five-letter word. There are six rows of five tiles indicating the number of attempts.

However, each word in Fortle refers to an item or feature from the original battle royale game, and the game's colors have been changed to match the original's purple and orange tones. If the letter is missing from the word, the tile turns gray. When the tile becomes orange, the letter for the five-letter word is correct and in the correct location. When a tile turns purple, it indicates that the letter is in the word but not in the location the player expected.

The five-letter words can be anything linked to Fortnite, including "forts," "spies," and "stone," among others. Once the letter option has been selected, it will turn gray, allowing you to see which letters you've already attempted. If you attempt to guess a term that is not present, you will not be penalized. If you have attempted to locate the word six times without success, you will be informed of its identity.


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