A new Wordle spin-off called Hogwartle will distinguish true Potter aficionados from the general public. In this fan-made game, each five-letter word from Harry Potter's world is included. A name like "Avery," "Padma," or "Harry" or a word like "wands" or "books" might be the term.

You may play the no-cost word game Hogwarts on the internet. To correctly guess the five-letter Hogwarts words, you have six chances. The creator of this game is "Minerva-b," who releases a fresh Harry Potter word search each day. Every day at 12 a.m. local time, the Hogwarts New Harry Potter World Puzzle is refreshed, and you'll receive one new music puzzle to complete. You'll also be able to access word games and answers if you play every day.

How to play
The sole distinction between Hogwarts and Wordle is that both the source and solution word lists only contain Harry Potter terms. In every other respect, the gameplay is identical to that of the first game. Words containing five letters are typed in. Depending on if they are part of the final word or not, letters are light yellow or green. Multiples are not permitted.

If you're a random player who wants to play, you might not get past the first guess without a major Potterverse reference book because only Harry Potter-related words can be used as guesses or answers.

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