Hurdle Wordle

Hurdle is quite similar to other Wordle versions, which contain eight Wordle puzzles. The primary difference is that Hurdle's problems are displayed sequentially, much like hurdles. Hurdle also offers an alternative to traditional Wordle approaches.

Each Hurdle challenge has a secret five-letter word that you must solve every day. You have six opportunities to get it right if you want to win this game. The colors of the tiles will reflect how close your guess was to the word after each guess.

  • To begin, a green tile signifies the correct letter in the correct spot.
  • Then, if the tile turns yellow, the letter is present in the word but not in the proper place.
  • If the tile becomes grey, it indicates that the letter was not found in the word.
  • The previous four Hurdle answers will be prefilled into the fifth and final Hurdle challenge. You only have two chances to solve it.

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