Landmark is a fascinating picture-puzzle game. In a way, a fresh achievement is made every day. To locate landmarks, you must only use a small area of the image. Players can find out which famous site is the day's enigmatic landmark by making a series of assumptions and getting feedback on how accurate they were.

You have six chances, per the rules, to find the hidden landmark.
Every attempt needs to make use of actual data from the list given.
With each attempt, the game will show you a different angle of the image.

You can share your landmark crossword solutions with colorful graphics showing the sequence of your attempts on social media, but you won't know which response is the daily landmark until the game is over. People are therefore more interested in and motivated to discover the time of day as a result. In addition to any competition that can arise as individuals try to recognize the previous landmark, Every day, a new picture!

How to play

Each player has six chances to choose the correct landmark. For each accurate guess, a new image is revealed. By looking through their previous hypotheses, players can narrow their alternatives. in an attempt to identify the symbols that each place represents. To attempt to determine the location, type the name of the landmark in the box at the bottom of the screen.

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