Le Mot

Le Mot, Wordle's equivalent in French, is a useful tool for developing your French vocabulary. This second version allows you to play two of the original Wordle games in a single day if you're extremely fortunate and are multilingual.

How to play

Five-letter words are chosen at random each day. You have six opportunities to understand it. Each time you search for a word, the color of the letters will vary depending on
It matters what you say first. Use a language, whether it be English or French, that contains as many unique letters from the game's language as you can. Avoid using words with unusual letters as well, as these can be challenging. According to a study of all the French words used on Wikipedia in 2008, the letter E is the one that appears the most frequently in words in that language, followed by the letters A, I, S, N, R, and T in that order.

Use a five-letter word to begin your statements in French, such as Saine, Sante, Tiens, or Senat. Your first word should always be "saine," as it contains the five French letters that are most frequently used.



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