Quintessential is a World-based offshoot that differs from the rest by presenting information in a more challenging way.

When you visit the game page, you'll find a grid-like Wordle with letters mixed up to create five words based on the topic of the day. To fix the order, just add the letters that are missing in as many steps as possible.

How to Play
To win, you must correctly predict each of the five horizontal words in the fewest number of steps possible.To complete the problem, you must swap and rearrange the letters. You only need to make eight moves in order to win the game.

To begin the game, you must exchange letters to form the correct word.A green box indicates the matching letter is in the proper place, a yellow box indicates it is in the wrong place, and a gray box indicates it is not in the word.

It's a tiny bit easier because you're always given a few green letters at the beginning of the game that can't be moved. At the bottom of the grid, it will say how many movements you've utilized. The goal of the game is to use as little movement as possible.


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