Lynn altered Josh's initial spelling of QWRTL to add the letter E. You can play right now without using the most popular symbol.

How to play
The new Wordle is the same as the old one except that the letter E has been removed. The game can be played indefinitely, and the player can select a hidden word of any length, ranging from four to eleven characters. Like in the original game, the bar opens at five. However, by changing the slider, you can choose from 4 to 11 letters.

The rules are fairly straightforward because you only get six chances to correctly guess the secret word.

If the QWRTL Today's mode is what you prefer, just click the "Today's" button in the top left corner. After deciding on the game mode and character limit, you can start typing on the keyboard. Make sure you've chosen the right term by typing it into the available box first.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the actual word. Because it is green, you can tell that this letter belongs there. Yellow indicates that a letter is present within a word but is not where it belongs. Additionally, Gray lets us know that this letter does not belong in the secret phrase.

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