In Semantle, you guess a word, and the game indicates how similar it is to the mystery word.

According to the game's designer, the game is not about spelling but rather about meaning. Put aside all you've learned from Wordle, as the same rules do not apply here. Semantle has disregarded the rule that words must be no longer than five letters.

This means that the length of words is now arbitrary. You have an unlimited number of guesses and a percentage that indicates how close you are to guess the associated word.

How to play

Each response should be a word. Semantle will indicate how close it believes your word is in meaning to the secret word. It is not about spelling like that other word game; instead, it is about the meaning of the words. Word2vec provides us with a score of similarity.


The maximum potential similarity is 100. This indicates that the words match, and you have won. In theory, -100 is the lowest number that can be, but in practice, -34 is more common.

A very low score, on the other hand, can be useful because it indicates that the word you picked is incorrect; therefore, if it's a verb or an adjective, the correct answer is likely a noun.


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