As part of Tradle, a daily game, you'll be presented with a list of the country's top 12 exports in terms of market share. The player has made six attempts to identify the country being exported from this data.

It's not always that clear; "reaction and catalyst products," which make up 19.3% of total exports, might not be familiar to even the most seasoned trade economist. what?

It draws inspiration from the popular song "Wordle," but it plays and feels very different. Educating others while having fun is a win-win situation. The Trader is both a fascinating and instructive educational tool.

How To Play

Country names can be guessed with the aid of the tree map. In the same way that Wordle's predictions helped us, yours will, too.
If you make a bad guess in the geography game Tradle, you'll get feedback on how far and which way the country is from the right answer. With Wordle and many other games of the same type, the player is given a total of six guesses before being forced to select a country.


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