Wordle enthusiasts who typically can only play one puzzle per day now have the opportunity to play every puzzle that has been released since the game's inception thanks to Warple.
One of Wordle's main draws is how frequently and socially it is used, although some users might also be interested in trying their hand at the crosswords they missed.

How to play

You have six chances to correctly identify the five-letter word if you are unfamiliar with Wordle's operation. Each guess will result in one of the three letter tile colors appearing.
A letter is missing from the word you are attempting to guess if a tile turns gray. The predicted letter is present in the word but not where it should be if the tile turns yellow. The letter is in the right place and is part of the word if the tile turns green.
The website records your information, including how many correct responses you've provided and the length of your winning streak.



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