In the difficult word game Word500, the hints only reveal how many correct letters there are, not which particular ones. It performs a similar role to Wordle and alerts you to the good, bad, and improperly placed letters. It will only tell you how many there are, not where they are.

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You have eight tries in total to uncover the concealed word. Each time you make a guess, the green, yellow, and red colored tiles on the right will show how close you were to correctly guessing the concealed word.

The secret word "PRINT" contains two right letters that are in the wrong place, two right letters that are in the right place, and two letters that shouldn't be there.

While looking for the next letter, the letter "_" can be used to skip a letter, but it cannot be used to start a word. You can use the "Hint" button if you're having problems. Do you think you could say no?

For every language and level of difficulty, a fresh secret word is revealed every day. There will be six opportunities for each player to select the right word. This means that if you use your first five guesses, you can figure out where the letters are in the word and what sequence they are in.


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